Plant Inspiration

Barn Light Press celebrates the roots and history of agriculture, while shining light on facts around modern food and farming.

A barn lantern or “hurricane” lantern is a flat-wick lamp made for portable and outdoor use in earlier days. They were used to illuminate the surrounding space.

Our team hopes to bring passion to paper and illuminate the story of today’s farm families through an educational application.

Our Roots

One of my first jobs included driving a two-cylinder John Deere tractor through a creek and up a hill to my grandpa’s house at age eight.

Today, I travel the same route to my home office, where I manage my business, create, and raise two boys on our sixth-generation family farm. My farm roots fuel my passion as an entrepreneur, educator, author, and creator.

I specialize in sharing the story of farm families and the commodities they raise (including my own) with consumers and youth across multiple educational and digital platforms. When away from my desk, I like to be outdoors, dig in the dirt, cook, paint, design, and doodle to-do lists and dreams on the pages of an empty canvas.

Luella Gregory
Entrepreneur, Farm Mom, and Published Author

Inspiration Through Education

Educational Resources

We can develop custom educational resources in multiple formats. Samples include lesson plans, storyboards, infographics, activity books and more. We combine a passion and understanding for production agriculture and pair it with a modern feel and connection to the intended audience.

Custom Activity Guides

Activity Books: Popular for high distribution events and space allows for a detailed full story around objectives. We often times connect audiences by kitchen, home and everyday uses. We love sharing the fun and vibrant world of food and farming with curious minds.
Activity Sheets: Activity sheets, and worksheets are common for digital downloads and print, we can ensure the message and target audience is achieved in an fun and interactive way.
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